Nexus is the realm's town area. Nexus is (usually) safe from all of Oryx's minions and even Oryx himself. In the Nexus, you can interact and trade with other players, customize your options, purchase Realm Gold, weapons and armor (excluding Untiered items), dungeon keys and some other items. The Nexus also changes themes periodically. If there is anything non-gameplay related you need to take care of, the Nexus is the best place to do so. The Nexus environment features:

Sheep (and Sometimes Other Animals)Edit

The basic-theme Nexus is inhabited by sheep; other themes have different animals. The Halloween Nexus contained bats, the Harvest Nexus had turkeys, and the Winter Nexus had snow hares.

baa baa baa --Sheep

The Spawn PointEdit

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Name Change Statue

It's the shiny gold statue in the northwest corner of the spawn platform. This statue serves two purposes. First, it will allow you to choose a unique name for yourself. This name must contain no more than 10 characters, and only letters are allowed. Once you have your name, you are stuck with it. You can come back here and change it, but that costs 1000 realm gold, so you're much better off just choosing a good name the first time. Second, it will tell you what your unique name is, should you ever forget how to look at the right side of the game screen.

Change Character Statue

These two, grey statues are found a short distance north of Nexus's spawn platform, before the Realm Portals Area. This takes you back to the character selection screen, where you can switch to a different character, switch to a different server, or log out of your current account.

Guild Hall

The brown door is a portal leading to the guild hall, where you can meet with members of your guild. You may go through that door, only if you are in a guild

Vault Portal

The golden door leads to your vault. This vault contains 20 chests, each able to permanently store up to 8 items of any kind. Only one of the 20 chests will be available at first. The rest must be purchased for 500 realm gold each. There's a glowing Nexus portal in the vault, too. Once you're done managing your inventory, there's nothing else left to do here, unless...

Pet Yard

The pet yard is where you can hatch, feed, and fuse the pet eggs that you can find in the realm/buy for gold. In the beginning, it is a simple clearing, but with enough fame/gold, you can upgrade it to look nicer. Note that the higher tiered pets require upgraded pet yards as well!


Around the spawn point are eight shops. Each of these have up to 12 items on display, and each of these items can be purchased by you for either realm gold or fame. At the center of each shop is a gold coin that lets you buy realm gold. If you see anything you like, you can purchase it by walking on top of the merchandise and clicking the "Buy for _____" button that appears. To the east and the west, you can also find entrances to the Bazaar, where more items are sold. You cannot sell items.


There are 6 fountains placed around the Nexus. They are not marked on the map but can easily found near any water in the Nexus. The fountains can heal your hp. When you are in need of some hp just head on over to any fountain and it will heal you at +100 hp about every 1-2 seconds. Note: each fountain can only heal one person at a time, so if a fountain is taken, wait patiently or go to another.

Realm PortalsEdit

Ads not by this site Once you're ready to start slaughtering Oryx's minions, you come here. At the northernmost part of Nexus are a number of realm portals. The number of realms available changes often, depending on the population of the current server and which realms are sealed off. There can be up to 8 available at once, or there can be none at all (although having fewer than 2 is rare and temporary). Each will be named after a minion, usually a god. Below each realm is some fraction with a denominator of 85 and the numerator displaying the current number of players in that realm. All realms are instances of the identical game; there are no differences in difficulty, skill level, or guild inclusion. Once you've decided which realm to enter... Once you've mustered all your courage and are ready to take on whatever Oryx can throw at you...

Once you're here, your adventure begins!!!

Guild BookEdit

After getting at least 1000 fame you can go here to create a guild. Or if you have already joined a guild you can come here to leave the guild. You need to have a unique name to create guilds.

The ArenaEdit

Pay a fee to fight in the Arena. Battle waves of enemies from the realms and dungeons and even some enemies exclusive to the Arena. You will get some reward every five waves. Death in the arena is not permanent.